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"The one you love and the one who loves you are never, ever the same person" [entries|friends|calendar]

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a little more than a week in! [30 Jan 2008|09:29pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

So school is better so far. I feel more busy then i was last semester which is good. I think being bored is what made me sad last semester. Whenever i have too much time i start thinking about shit and it just makes me miserable. but this time i pretty much have class all day then i exersize, eat, then its night! plus it is good to see people. I dont have the stress of meeting new people, ive already got my friends and we are getting closer. I havent really been doing anywork though which is bad. Im gonna have to do some serious studing soon. I should go to the library tommorow or something.
k bye!

...fuck me

school [22 Jan 2008|07:37pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

So im back at school. It kinda sucks, im already missing home, though home isnt really that much better. I just hate how there is always something going on and if im just sitting in my room doing nothing i feel like im missing out. I just dont see the point of being here. But i have to because if i didnt i would just be home with no one. Well jim, but hes leaving next year. Theres no one i even want to see. Like alexa wanted to go visit everyone and i had no desire to do that. ppl are making plans tonight but i just want to go to bed. Its weird im sad but not. Im just numb. In a way its like i dont even want to make friends. I go out of my way to not hang out with ppl. I dont know why and i hate it but im just soooo anti social! We were all chilling in Matts room and i was like ok so im gonna go i gotta unpack, even though i had already basically unpacked. I really want to try this semester and i feel like i got off to a bad start. Im jsut too tired today. I dotn want to go through my whole college expierence counting down to when i go home. And i seriously have to stop looking at the negative in all my friends. That is just a bad habit and it makes me not like ppl that are perfectly fine. UGH! i forgot to call dr. brownstein. Knew i would, that sucks butt. Gotta go look for a job soon :( kinda happy at the same time, it will be something to do and give me money.

...fuck me

list [04 Jan 2008|02:30pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Here is a list of things i need to remember before i go back to school:
Buy shampoo and conditionar
Write thank you letters (needs to be done before my parents leave)
Call Dr Brownstein and see if i can get a recomendation
Buy 4 small binders
Bring straightner back
buy toothpaste
Probably more and ill add them when i remember them

...fuck me

First entry of many [03 Jan 2008|05:22am]
[ mood | lethargic ]

Im sure no one is gonna read this except jim, but thats ok. I love livejournal and ive decided to start writing agian. Hmm...whats going on in my life. Im at college now, UAlbany, which is pretty fun but i miss home a lot so its good to be back for x-mas. I have a very confusing relationship with Josh, that is a little hard to handle sometimes, but if i want to stay with him i guess i gotta put up with it. Wow, i guess thats about it. My god, its been like 3 yrs since i have written anything significant and this is all i can come up with. Im pathetic. Oh well, i write agian soon

...fuck me

wow [04 Aug 2006|12:12am]
so i was pretty bored and suddenly rememberd livejournal. Its so weird it seems to have changed and i dont really know how to work it anymore...but i say.........LETs BRING BACK LIVEJOURNAL! FUCK MYSPACE AND FACEBOOK!
1 STD, ...fuck me

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